WMC 2022 - Workshop on Mixed Criticality Systems.

@RTSS 2022
Hoston, Texas, US
5 December 2022

WMC 2022 - Workshop on Mixed Criticality Systems

About WMC

The purpose of WMC is to share new ideas, experiences and information about research and development of mixed criticality real-time systems. The workshop aims to bring together researchers working in fields relating to real-time systems with a focus on the challenges brought about by the integration of mixed criticality applications onto single-core, multi-core and many-core architectures. These challenges are cross-cutting. To advance rapidly, closer interaction is needed between the sub-communities involved in real-time operating systems / run-time environments / hypervisor, real-time scheduling, security, safety and timing analysis.

The workshop aims to promote understanding of the fundamental problems that affect Mixed Criticality Systems (MCS) at all levels in the software/hardware stack and crucially the interfaces between them. The workshop will promote lively interaction, cross fertilisation of ideas, synergies, and closer collaboration across the breadth of the real-time community, as well as attracting industrialists from the aerospace, automotive and other industries with a specific interest in MCS. Original unpublished papers on all aspects of mixed criticality real-time systems are welcome.

Important Dates

Submission deadline: 5 September 2022
Notification of acceptance: 10 October 2022
Final version: 24 October 2022
Workshop day: 5 December 2022

Welcome to WMC'22!

Welcome to Workshop on Mixed Criticality Systems 2022. On behave of the WMC’22 Program Committee...